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Lifting Solutions


Take the doubt out… with Jergens built-in Tension Indication System   


The NEW Jergens Lift-Check hoist ring assures that your application is secure and ready to lift.  The Lift-Check is comprised of a Jergens’ patented proprietary hex head cap screw which integrates the Visual Tension Indicator.

Lift-Check hoist rings are part of a full range of lifting solutions that include other hoist rings styles, adjustable chain sling, pivoting lifting rings, eye nuts, shoulder and swivel eye bolts and hold down clips.

Lift-Check™ - Red means NO, black means GO - Visual indication system

  • Patented Lift-Check™ Center Pull Hoist Rings are rated at 5:1 strength Factor & Proof tested to 200% of rated load capacity, certificate of proof test provided, in accordance with ASME B30.26.
  • Visual Tension Indicator confirms engagement – clearly illustrates whether bolt joint is loose or tight.
    Ensures safety and provides accuracy of +/- 10% of designed tension
  • Hands-free inspection at a distance, prior to the lift
    Reduces installation time
  • No torque wrench or calibration needed
  • Patent pending Lift Check™ Bolt conforms to the chemical and physical requirements of ASTM A574 standards
  • Lift-Check™ bolts are reusable and provide reliable visual indication of joint clamping force. Bolt kits available for Jergens hoist ring upgrades.

  • Made in the USA


Download Lift-Check Instruction Sheet