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Application Install


Installation Information

  • Select the proper Hoist Ring for the job. Do not attempt to apply more than the rated load capacity. The load capacity is stamped on the Hoist Ring.

  • Drill and tap the workpiece so that the hoist ring bolt is installed perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece. Countersink the tapped hole to ensure the top surface of the workpiece is flat providing complete contact for the hoist ring bushing when properly torqued. The workpiece surface must be flat, providing complete contact for the hoist ring bushing.

  • Do not use spacers between the hoist ring bushing and the workpiece surface.

  • When installing in soft metal, such as aluminum, the minimum effective thread engagement should be two times the diameter of the thread.

  • Always tighten the bolt to the proper torque value, which is stamped on the Hoist Ring.

  • Loosening of the bolt may develop during use. Re-tightening to the required torque must be done whenever the bolt loosens. The proper tightening torque is stamped on the Hoist Ring.

  • When lifting, apply force gradually. DO NOT APPLY SHOCK LOADS.

  • For through-hole applications, be sure that nut/washer are the samequality grade as the Hoist Ring

  • Periodic visual inspection and pull testing is recommended as damage can occur from improper usage

Jergens Lifting Solutions - Application & Installation


All About Eyebolts

  • Designed for straight lifts
  • Drastic decrease in lift capacity with increased angle
  • Use shoulder type only w/full thread engagement

Look Carefully:
  • Logo w/thread-lift capacity indicated
  • Choose eyebolts manufactured in the US, like Jergens.
  • Inspect for: Bent Shanks, Oblong Eyes, Modified Product

Remember, if in doubt…throw it out!



Eyebolt Drawing