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Ball Lock Features & Benefits

Patented Locking Technology

Inside the shank are 3 balls that expand into a tapered groove in the receiver bushing. This action draws the plates together. The locking balls are activated by turning a setscrew in the head of the shank, which pushes a 4th ball to evenly distribute the clamping forces between the 3 locking balls. No more dowel pins or cap screws, and no need to search around for a hex wrench to remove Ball Lock® shanks.


  • Incredibly FAST setups and changeover
  • Powerfully strong holding forces
  • Combines locking and locating in the same motion
  • Eliminates the need for indicating on CNC machines
  • Repeatability of +/-0.0005” (+/-0.013mm) or better

Ball Lock® is the original and most widely used quick change fixture system available. Ball Lock® can be your competitive edge…just like thousands of other shops across the country.

Ball Lock Patented Locking Technology
Fixture Kits Make It Easy

Get started by ordering a quick change kit, which includes 2 aluminum fixture plates with 2 primary liner bushings installed, 1 steel subplate with receiver bushings installed and 4 20mm Ball Lock® shanks with working loads of 3000 lbs. each. Jergens also offers pre-engineered Ball Lock® Fixture kits for Haas™ machines.


  • Save time specifying and ordering
  • Saves installation time and cost
  • Eliminates potential installation errors

The Accessories You Need
to Customize Ball Lock®

We’ve already thought about all the accessories you need to customize Ball Lock® for your application. In addition to system components like locating shanks, liner bushings, receiver bushings, fixture plates and subplates, you’ll find everything you need here in one convenient place.



  • Convenient, one-stop shopping
  • Components designed to work together for maximum cost and time savings
Ball Lock System Quick Change Fixturing Kits

Ball Lock® System Quick Change Fixturing Kits

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