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New Kwik-Lok™ Pins Catalog


February 20, 2007—Jergens, Inc., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of standard tooling components and specialty fastener products, announces the publication of its new Kwik-Lok™ Pins catalog, a complete sourcing guide for Kwik-Lok™ Pins for a variety of applications: manufacturing, aviation/military, general industrial, medical equipment, and the recreation and marine industries.


In addition to its catalogued products, Jergens welcomes special requests and will customize or modify standard products. For these “specials,” the Kwik-Lok™ Pins catalog includes a reproducible quotation request worksheet that can be faxed or mailed to Jergens with information and drawings. The inclusion of the worksheet communicates two of Jergens’ key strengths: engineering leadership and flexible manufacturing.


New products in the catalog include lifting pins and lanyards. Full color photographs, US standard inch and metric specifications, two pages of specifications and material specifications, applications, and full detailed ordering information for both standard and Mil-Spec all make the new catalog a valuable resource for specifiers and engineers.