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Wide Selection of Specialty Washers Helps Solve Many Application-Related Problems


January 10, 2007—Jergens, known for standard components that exceed industry standards, offers an extensive line of specialty washers designed to meet conventional fastening needs, as well as to help solve many application-related problems. All Jergens washers are designed for strength and durability. And, as a partner supplier of off-the-shelf products, Jergens provides faster turnaround/delivery, with no quantity minimums.



Jergens’ washer line includes flat washers (case hardened low carbon or 303 stainless steel); heavy-duty flat washers (through hardened, high grade carbon steel) that are 50% stronger than most heavy duty washers and less likely to fracture under a heavy load; and USAE heavy duty flat washers (case hardened low carbon steel) that combine the larger outside diameter (OD) of a USS washer with the tighter and more precise inside diameter (ID) tolerance of an SAE washer (USS + SAE = USAE). These washers are up to 37% thicker than standard hardened washers for greater strength.



The line also includes “C” washers, equalizing, and swing washers (low carbon steel or 300 series stainless); heavy duty square washers (extra thick, case hardened low carbon steel) for straight edge applications; and spherical self-aligning two-piece washer assemblies (case hardened low carbon steel or 300 series stainless steel), featuring top and bottom pieces that fit together to aid leveling.


Founded in 1942, Jergens has grown into four separate operating divisions providing superior engineered solutions and products: “The standard components with the highest standards.” The Jergens Difference might be better engineering or better service, but the result is always the same — a better solution for our customers.