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OK-Vise® Knife Edge Grip Jaw Clamp

These clamps have a knife edge grip jaw with serrated teeth. The knife edge penetrates into softer materials to prevent part movement. They are available with one grip jaw and one smooth jaw or a grip jaw on both sides.

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Part NumberMinOptimumMaxMinOptimumMaxBCDESocket Head Screw DIN 912Clamping Force of Jaws kN (lbs)Tightening Torque Nm (ft/lbs)Weight in g (lbs) approx.Hardness of Jaws HRC XHardness of Jaws HRC Y
30323416.317.418.52915212.5M8 X 2022 (4,975)43 (31.7)64 (0.14)38-4248-52
46.649.953.325.527.228.94122304M12 X 3055 (12,364)145 (107)212 (0.41)38-4248-52
1.831.962. X 1 1/4"55 (12,364)145 (107)212 (0.41)38-4248-52